# Our mission: Pushing knowledge transfer and connecting webworkers in RheinMain

Frontend RheinMain is a community-hub for frontend devs and friends in RheinMain. Started in 2014, our misson is to push knowledge transfer and connect webworkers by running meetups and livestreams and supporting related initiatives. We enable developers connect with other webworkers, to learn new stuff and get inspired by latest developments in the frontend field.

# What we do

# Support meetup initiatives

... by:

  • helping you organize your meetup with our team
  • referring interesting speakers to your meetup
  • featuring your event on our homepage before and cover it afterwards
  • actively promoting your event on Twitter
  • recording your talks on video
  • occasionally hand-out benefits for your participants like cheap or free conference tickets, coupon codes, books etc.

In current Corona times we cannot operate 'normally' but we try our best to support your meetup!


Contact us - we're happy to fuel your community-engagement!

# Organize tech events

Few times a year we also organize free frontend meetups by ourselves in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz and Darmstadt - sponsored by helpful companies supplying room, wifi, beamer, drinks and food. This engages a cozy atmosphere to connect with other webworkers, to learn new stuff and get inspired by latest developments in our frontend field.

Since 2021 we do regular livestream events on Youtube, check it out!


See also our archive since 2014

# Give stage to speakers

  • Wanna learn to speak in front of a crowd or improve your speaking skills? Our audience is totally relaxed and supports you with antipation and big applause 😃
  • Pitch your project and/or promote your idea and gain feedback
  • Present yourself as an expert in your area
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Get your talk on video to spread your visibility and support your positioning

This all also works pretty well online, too - we're happy to support showing your cool topic to our community.


Contact us - our community is excited what you have to say!

# Recruiting-support for companies

Sponsoring our meetups is a budget-friendly and highly effective way for your company to find new colleagues. As an event host:

  • you have the stage before the main talk(s) to present your company incl. your open positions and spread some merchandise
  • you offer room to connect with and directly approach like-minded people / potential new colleagues
  • you can hear which cutting-edge topics are currently being discussed in the community
  • potential new staff members can see your location from the inside at a glance

# Expand reach for publishers

You are a publisher and/or conference organizer? Either if you want to expand your reach to promote your conference or if you just released e.g. new books covering web development topics, there's a win-win-situation for both of us: When you send us a goodie for one of our meetups you get lots of positive attention from our community-members and enable us to add even more attraction to our meetups - because nerds always like cool goodies.


Contact us to talk about how to support us with nice benefits